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Release Notes – UTLogin – Version 2017.1.0

** Access Request
* [UTL-336] – Update footer links to CIO website

** Development Task
* [UTL-275] – URLs that Point to Web Central Must Be Updated
* [UTL-333] – Update “Why am I here?” link to new location

** Bug
* [UTL-318] – UTLogin-Duo integration not properly handling cases where user has only hardware token
* [UTL-368] – Pressing enter does not produce the same results as a button click

** Improvement
* [UTL-130] – Avoid breaking the login page error message Change Password link across a line break
* [UTL-338] – In RPM, Disable Save Button When Clicked for a period of time
* [UTL-348] – Update 2FA Page Help Link
* [UTL-353] – UTLogin changes to SAML context for UT System wide SSO

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