New Customers

If you are planning to select a vendor product or develop a new system that will require EID authentication or access to UT directory information, please e-mail us at with general information about your project and your contact information as early in your project as possible. We will email you a questionnaire for you to complete to help us determine the best IAM product or solution for your needs, and can also help you ask the right questions to ensure that you select a vendor compatible with campus IAM systems.


For usage instructions, configuration information, answers to common questions, and basic troubleshooting please view the relevant help pages below (documentation provided by UT ServiceNow):

UT Service Desk

Front line support for IAM systems is provided by the UT Service Desk external-link.

Phone: 512-475-9400
Online: external-link

System Support

For help with a specific system:

To speak with someone on the phone, please call the UT Service Desk external-link at 512-475-9400. The UT Service Desk provides front line support for IAM systems.

External Inquiries

If you are from another university and interested in learning more about how the IAM Team at The University of Texas at Austin has implemented a particular solution, you may email us at

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