Basic Concepts

If you are planning to develop a system in-house or purchase third-party software which will require EID authentication or access to directory information, it is important to understand basic concepts surrounding identity at the university.


Identity and Access Management has several requirements for in-house or third-party software requiring EID authentication. Please review these requirements external-link.

IAM Integration Process

Most IAM integrations will follow this general process. More details are included below.

Process Flow - IAM Integration_v3.0

Identity Assurance Risk Assessment Questionnaire

All new IAM integrations should reference the Identity Assurance Framework (IAF) to learn which authentication options are appropriate for their systems. Please visit the IAF page for more information.

The Identity Assurance Risk Assessment Questionnaire has been created as part of the IAF and needs to be completed before an IAM integration is requested. Please follow the link to get started on the Identity Assurance Risk Assessment Questionnaire external link.

Initial Contact and Project Identification

Please e-mail us at  with general information about your project and your contact information. We will email you the IAM questionnaire for you to complete to help us determine the best IAM product or solution for your needs.

Solution Selection

After you have submitted the IAM questionnaire, we will review your responses and identify any potential issues that need to be addressed. This step may require several iterations and may require input from vendors (for commercial products) and in some cases an in-person meeting to discuss complex questions.


When the IAM questionnaire review process is complete, we will send you a service access request form and AUP for you to fill out. We will provide you and your vendor, if applicable, with documentation regarding how to integrate your software with the appropriate IAM solution.  The IAM Team will be available during this time to assist with troubleshooting the integration.

Documentation for various IAM services, as well as instructions for contacting the IAM Team, is available on our Help page.

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