UTLogin Release Notes – 2015.1.0

Release Notes – UTLogin – Version 2015.1.0

** Bug
* [UTL-34] – Investigate page configured to be unprotected on .net domain redirecting to the login page
* [UTL-35] – Review default value in OpenAM 11 for Fetch Policies from Root Resource
* [UTL-38] – Fix login URL on logout/session timeout/other error page
* [UTL-41] – Enable session failover
* [UTL-42] – Allow SAML login page through apache filters
* [UTL-53] – Investigate logout failure on one UTLogin Test reference platform
* [UTL-53] – Address steward EID login to Admin GUI in 11.0.2
* [UTL-65] – Implement standard UTLogin outage page when an unauthenticated user attempts to authenticate and all core machines are unavailable
* [UTL-73] – Address SecurityPolicy Exception in SAML logout page
* [UTL-77] – Confirm expected API Logout behavior with invalid token id
* [UTL-81] – Store accurate authentication attempt IP address in AHS
* [UTL-83] – Resolve SAML federation edge case errors that prevent SAML use
* [UTL-150] – Update configuration and RPM to reflect set of HTTP actions supported by OpenAM 11.0.2
* [UTL-156] – Investigate intermittent 403 error when trying to view the authentication viewer
* [UTL-157] – Eliminate stack trace displayed when an unauthorized user attempts to view others’ authentication history in AHV
* [UTL-161] – Disable SSLv3 in both F5 and Apaches

** Documentation
* [UTL-152] – Retire “Compare to CWA” page

** Improvements
* [UTL-135] – Log both the X-Forwarded-For AND Client IP address in Apache SSL logs
* [UTL-139] – Send email notification when BruteForce stops a login
* [UTL-163] – Expand minimum tests to include basic health checks on AHV and RPM

** New Features
* [UTL-86] – Implement simple alias for logout (e.g. http://login.utexas.edu/logout)

** Sub-tasks
* [UTL-96] – Update Login.jsp to use latest template
* [UTL-99] – Upgrade OpenAM to 11.0.0 / 11.0.2
* [UTL-101] – Investigate UTLogin SAML configuration
* [UTL-102] – Fix AHV HTTP 500 failure at first execution after a server restart
* [UTL-144] – Update automated tests for OpenAM 11.0.2

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