TIM Release Notes – 2015.5.0

Release Notes – EID System – uTexas Identity Manager – Version 2015.5.0

** Bug
* [EID-2769] – Last Logon Info no longer updating
* [EID-2795] – Self-Help App throws TIMException “logging off due to invalid authentication state.” when the same authenticated pages are browsed in multiple tabs

** Improvements
* [EID-2783] – (Details of this issue have been withheld)
* [EID-2803] – Remove birthday and month from display in Find a UT EID
* [EID-2805] – Display ISO Number in Admin App from TIM instead of TED
* [EID-2816] – Create an adhoc to drop an EID from all group ownerships

** Sub-tasks
* [EID-2587] – Modify the Person EID Non-Use Lock sweep to account for UTLogin/TED/AD
* [EID-2759] – (Details of this issue have been withheld)

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