Authorization is the act of determining that a person is entitled to access a resource in question. After an end user is authenticated, a system can then make an informed decision as to whether that end user should be allowed to access the resource they are requesting.

Current Authorization Services

Apollo is a centralized, mainframe-based authorization and group membership repository. It allows developers to set up group membership and authorization schemas for their applications.

DPUSER is a mainframe application containing metadata that support a wide range of university applications and processes, including information about users, departments, applications, files, and application authorizations.

The OHS Contacts System is a tool used by central offices to identify individuals in campus departments that are responsible for specific business and technical roles.

For web applications that are protected by UTLogin authentication, authorization settings can be configured using the UTLogin Realm Policy Manager.

Future Authorization Services

Phase 1 of the Identity and Access Management Modernization Program will include group and role management functionality, including role-based access management.

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