Release Notes – EID System – uTexas Identity Manager – Version 2016.3.0

** Bug
* [EID-2891] – (Details of the issue have been withheld)
* [EID-2895] – TIM is downloading tarballs artifacts as type POM

** Improvement
* [EID-1950] – Retire the RUP entitlement
* [EID-2754] – Remove AD Host Certificate from Trust Store
* [EID-2858] – (Details of the issue have been withheld)
* [EID-2885] – Facilitate Temporary Access Restriction to TIM Webapps
* [EID-2890] – White Adhoc to Start Monthly Non-Use Lock Sweep Runs
* [EID-2892] – (Details of the issue have been withheld)
* [EID-2893] – Add Fields to AD Feed to Support Service Now

** New Features
* [EID-2810] – Add additional error detail in REST parameter exception

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