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UTLogin Stability Report


As described in Action 3 (Measure and Report Progress) of the UTLogin Stability Roadmap, weekly Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that reflect the stability of UTLogin will be published every Friday.

The metrics published in this report aim to address the following questions:

  1. When a login page is requested, does UTLogin provide one?
    • See KPI #1 Overall availability
    • See KPI #2 Successful Login page requests
  2. When a user attempts to log in, does UTLogin successfully validate the user’s credentials?
    • See KPI #3 TED connection availability
  3. When a user authenticates successfully, does UTLogin return an accurate access policy decision to the system being accessed by the user?
    • See KPI #4 Successful WPA communication, KPI #5 Successful SAML requests, and KPI #6 Successful retrieval from policy store

For any questions or feedback about this report, please email utlogin@utlists.utexas.edu.

Key Performance Indicators

1.  Overall Availability

Historical Data

2. Successful Login page requests

This chart shows the success rate for displaying the login page when requested.

Historical Data

3. TED connection availability

UTLogin uses uTexas Enterprise Directory (TED) to validate user credentials. This chart shows the availability of UTLogin’s connection to TED, which has a direct impact on UTLogin’s ability to process user authentications.

Historical Data

4. Successful WPA communication

Web Policy Agents (WPAs) are used by some applications for authentication. WPAs must communicate with UTLogin to operate properly. This chart indicates the success rate for WPA communication with UTLogin.

Historical Data

5. Successful SAML requests

SAML is an authentication protocol used by some applications for authentication. This chart indicates the success rate for UTLogin SAML requests.

Historical Data 

6. Successful retrieval from policy store

UTLogin uses an access policy store to make decisions for access. This chart shows the success rate for attempts to retrieve information from the access policy store.

Historical Data

Last updated on 02/15/2018.

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