New and enhanced IAM services are being developed as part of the IAM Roadmap. The following major projects are currently underway:

IAM Modernization Program

The Identity and Access Management Modernization Program (IAMMP) will guide a set of projects whose goal is to modernize the University’s Identity and Access Management systems, business processes, data management, and technical architecture, as envisioned in the IAM Roadmap. IAMMP includes the implementation of new IAM tools, the transition and/or retirement of legacy IAM tools, and the bridging and integration work required to maintain IAM services as the campus computing landscape transitions during the Administrative Systems Modernization Program. IAMMP will help ensure that the individual projects related to IAM modernization are aligned technically with the new IAM technical architecture and integration strategy, that resources are allocated efficiently across projects, and that cross-project issues are identified and resolved effectively.

The following projects have been deferred for this fiscal year:

Centralized Authentication Resiliency Enhancement (CARE)

The Centralized Authentication Resiliency Enhancement (CARE) project will improve the resiliency of the UTLogin and Shibboleth (SAML) authentication services and the TED (uTexas Enterprise Directory) service by implementing off-campus instances of those services and implementing the required connectivity to enable their use by both on-campus and hosted/cloud systems.

Lightweight Authentication Project

The Lightweight Authentication Project will provide an alternate method of authentication for external users who need to access online university resources. The recommended solution is to make external identities consumable by campus applications using a centrally provided gateway.

The following projects have been completed:

Duo Implementation

A new two-factor authentication solution based on the Duo Security product was integrated with campus systems. The previous solution, Toopher, was retired in November 2016.

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