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UT EID \you•tee ee•eye•dee\ n (1995): Short for University of Texas Electronic Identity. A UT EID allows anyone with a relationship to the university to use restricted online applications.

UT EID Basics

Who needs a UT EID, and why?

How do I get a UT EID?

Can I change my UT EID?

How do I keep my UT EID secure?

Do I need to upgrade my UT EID?


I get a message that my UT EID is locked when I try to log on. What’s wrong?

I’m getting the message “You must change your password. Please use the Change Password tool to do so.” What does that mean?

I think someone else might be using my UT EID. What should I do?


Resetting your password

Changing your password

Setting up password reset questions

Updating personal information

Combining two UT EIDs

Upgrading your UT EID

Two Factor Authentication

Currently, the university is transitioning from a tool called Toopher to a tool called Duo, which provides a user-friendly and secure two factor authentication solution. For more information, see Two Factor Authentication.

Important: Do not delete your Toopher pairing or the Toopher smartphone app before Toopher is formally retired since you will still need Toopher to access services while the transition to Duo is in progress.

Why am I being asked to complete two factor authentication?

What is two factor authentication?

How do I set up two factor authentication?

What if I don’t have a mobile phone?

If I install the Toopher app, will UT have access to my mobile device?

Why does the Toopher app require certain permissions?

How do I automate two factor authentication?

What are One Time Passwords (OTPs)?

What if I get a new mobile device?

What if I lose my mobile device?

How do I reset my two factor pairing?

How do I check my two factor authentication or pairing status?

I get a message that my account is locked when I try to log on using two factor authentication. What’s wrong?

What does the error “Your OTP is incorrect or invalid. Please try again.” mean?

Two Factor Help Videos external-link

I’m having trouble using two factor authentication.


What are affiliations, classes, and entitlements?

Choosing a strong password

Protecting your UT EID password

The importance of logging off

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